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A Boba Baby Carrier Grows with Your Child

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Having a newborn in the house is always exciting and even though you're sleeping less, you're enjoying every minute with your baby. At Western Bloc, we know how quickly children grow up and we know that you want to cherish every moment that you have with them. As a parent, if you want to safely wear and transport your baby, our Boba baby carriers will allow you to do so when they're born, as well as during their first few years of growth.

Not only is the Boba carrier suited for children ranging from 3kg to 20kg, it also works for adults of varying heights. A mother who is 5'2" can easily hand the baby and carrier to her husband who is 6'1", and with a few adjustments and snaps, the carrier is securely attached to dad. The baby is always comfortable inside the carrier and will feel at ease being near to mum or dad. Once your first child outgrows their Boba baby carrier, it will prove useful for their younger siblings, even those who haven't yet been born.

Many baby items, such as diapers and wipes, are made to be disposable. At Western Bloc, we believe in selling things that will prove useful time and time again. Our Boba carriers will adapt as your child grows, allowing you to securely carry them wherever you take them. We have several designs and colors to choose from, and we know that there's one carrier on our site for every family.